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How long does it take you to update numerous Social Media accounts? have the Solution for You

Social Media Updates Made Easy

Simplify Your Social Media Updates

So you have a website, a Facebook Page, Twitter account, LinkedIn account and Google+ Page for your business. That’s just to start with. That’s 5 separate logins. You’re thinking; “How am I ever going to keep all those accounts up to date with relevant content without spending time that I don’t have to spend?”. have some solutions for you. We can provide you with a single application that you will login to all accounts where you can post from. But wouldn’t it be simpler if you could just login to your website, create a post and it would automatically get sent to all your Social Media Media Accounts. That is possible with our WordPress & Social Media Integration Solution. This will save you the time that you don’t have to save.

An Even Simpler Solution

Guess what, you’re even saying “Sometimes, I don’t even have the time to login to my website to create a post”. Well, we have an even simpler solution for your Social Media Updates, How about, sending an email with images attached from your Smart Phone and this email automatically updates your Social Media Accounts. It may seem too simple to be true but it is. Contact now on 086 2548211 to discuss you Social Media requirements and let us provide a solution that suits you.

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